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Latest update on the browser war

So the month of October has gone by, and the war effort continues. The war I'm referring to is the browser war.

The main combatants in this browser war are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Apple's Safari kind of sits on the outer throwing in minor attacks here and there.

While the war continues, the results of the latest battle (The Battle of October 2010) are in. Internet Explorer maintains its overall lead, but continues to suffer the most casualties. According to Net Applications monitoring, Internet Explorer went from 59.65% to 59.26%. Firefox also took a minor hit, going from 22.96% to 22.82% with Chrome being the winner with an increase from 8% to 8.47%.

These may look like very minor changes that could possibly be written off as just normal statistical variations, and to a point they are, but it has actually become a trend of similar changes over the past several months. Chrome, now on version 7, is continuing to eat into the shares of both IE and Firefox.

With IE 9 and Firefox 4, currently in beta form, set to be released over the next few months, it will be interesting to see if they are able to halt their respective declines or if they will continue to slide.

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