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Outlook 2007 Issues After Microsoft Update

After installing this week's Microsoft patches (December 14th, 2010), it seems that some people using Outlook 2007 are having issues with their email. Outlook starts popping up asking for a username and password, and even though it is entered correctly it doesn't work. It only seems to affect people using POP3 for receiving email rather than IMAP and so far is only affecting Outlook 2007, no other version.

From what we've seen, the settings in Outlook get changed. It seems to turn on Secure Password Authentication (SPA), it changes what the outgoing mail server is set to, enables SSL for the encrypted connection type (which then changes the incoming port to 995). On some it has changed the account type from POP to MAPI and possibly changes the username by capitalizing the first letter.

The fix can vary slightly from doing a repair of Microsoft Office to only having to correct the email settings, to removing the account from Outlook and adding it back in.


We've found other reports showing other issues with Outlook 2007 as a result of these updates. These issues include Outlook running slowly, the Auto Archive option missing entirely from the Mailbox Cleanup tool and severe system instability when certain other plug ins are installed and running.

The problem seems to stem from the KB-2412171 update for Outlook 2007. Microsoft has actually gone ahead and removed this article and patch from automatic updates. Removing this update (via Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features) should fix the issues.

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