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Patch Tuesday February 2011 Report

Both Adobe and Microsoft released patches for this month's Patch Tuesday.

Adobe released 42 patches yesterday. 29 vulnerabilities on Reader and another 13 in Flash. Most of the exploits were listed as "critical" which means they could be exploited by hackers.

Patch TuesdayBack in November, Adobe had released Adobe Reader X with "sandbox" technology which isolates the application from the computer to reduce attacks from escaping Reader. All but 3 of the bugs affected this version of Reader.

Adobe also released other patches for ColdFusion and Shockwave.

As part of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, the company closed down the autorun feature for USB storage devices on Windows XP and Vista. Windows 7 already had this disabled. The reason for doing this update is because of the number of malware designed to automatically spread itself by autorunning off of USB flash drives to infect other systems. This particular update was not listed as a security update but is rated as "Important".

Microsoft issued 3 critical and 9 important alerts that address 22 vulnerabilities. Windows, Internet Explorer and Office all received updates.

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