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New Browser Releases

Yesterday, Microsoft released the full version of their new Internet Explorer 9. Among some of the new features for their browser, comes a "Do not track" option for preventing advertisers and other from tracking where you are going on the Internet. It also adds the option to pin a website directly to your taskbar. This allows you to click on the site directly from Windows, without having to open the browser first. The biggest feature being touted though is just the large increase in performance over Internet Explorer 8. IE8 being the worst performing of all current browser versions, IE9 has made a big effort to speed things up. One thing to note about IE9 is that it cannot be used with Windows XP or any earlier versions of Windows. It is strictly a Windows 7 and Vista browser.

New BrowsersGoogle came out with a new version of their own browser recently. Chrome 10 came with the ability to run web apps in the background as well as a "sandboxing" feature for Adobe Flash. Sandboxing is supposed to keep the application in its own little system so that if a vulnerability gets hacked it limits the damage to the application itself rather than being able to get into the operating system. Most users of Chrome will already have the new update as it updates itself automatically. Not necessarily a bad thing if you look at how many users of Internet Explorer are still using versions 6 and 7.

Next out of the gate will be Mozilla with Firefox 4 expected to be released in the next couple of weeks. With a new look over the 3.x browser versions and improved performance it will be interesting to see how the final release stacks up against the new browers of Google and Microsoft.

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