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How do you sync Google Calendar to Outlook?

You may ask, "Outlook has its own calendar that I do all this with, why would I need another calendar?". Well the answer is that your Outlook calendar you can only be used on the one PC, whereas with the Google Calendar, you can check your calendar on any computer with an internet connection and share it with others beyond, just those on your internal business network. You can also use it directly on your Smartphone. And it doesn't mean getting rid of the Outlook calendar or having two calendars because you can sync the Google Calendar to your Outlook!

Google actually offers three different options to get the calendar to sync with Outlook. Firstly, there is the 2-way sync option. The 2-way sync option will keep the events in both the Outlook and Google Calendars in sync no matter if you update it in Outlook or update it on the Google Calendar.

The other methods are 1-way sync options, where either updating the Google Calendar will update Outlook but updating Outlook will not update Google, or vice versa.

To sync the Google Calendar with your Outlook requires downloading a sync tool from Google. Once this is installed, the settings window opens up. Put in your Gmail address and password, select the sync type (1-way or 2-way) and how often to sync, and that's it!

There will be an icon in the system tray (right by the clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen) that will show the current sync status and also allow you to make any changes to the settings as needed.

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