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Email signatures can cause your email to be filtered

Not many people realize this but what is contained in your email signature can cause your email to start getting filtered as spam.

An email signature is a block of text automatically added to the bottom of every email. It will usually contain the sender's name as well as possibly their email address and phone number. Some people might include their company name, their job position and have links or images embedded into it. Just about anything can be placed into an email signature. One thing to be aware of though is that like the rest of the contents of an email, the signature is also scanned for spam.

When scanning an email for spam a server will look at various things to decide if an email is to be marked as spam or not. One way is to look at what is in the email and decide whether the email looks like a spam. This might include keywords often used by spammers, certain links in the email or other common spam content. As far as the email scanners are concerned, the signature of an email is just part of that content, and so is treated as such.

If your email signature contains a lot of links, embedded images or any words often used by spammers, you could find it getting filtered out. The more complex a signature, the more likely it is to be marked as spam.

A good way to tell if your signature is causing your email to be filtered as spam is if you find your email not showing up when you send from Outlook (or whatever email program you use that contains your signature) but if you send email from webmail or a phone that doesn't have your signature on it, then it gets through fine. You can also test it further by sending an email from your Outlook but removing your signature from it and see if that gets through. If your email signature is causing your email to be filtered as spam, then you might want to look at changing or simplifying it.

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