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How can I find what Keywords people are searching on Google?

Millions of searches are conducted each day on popular search engines by people all around the world. The big question is "What are they looking for?"

Most of the major search engines keep track of the information and provide a way to learn what the most popular searched keywords and / or phrases are and how many people are searching them.

Google's Adwords Keyword Tool  is a free tool.  You do not need an account to use and retrieve the basic information. However, if you would like more options than the basic information I would suggest you sign up for a free Adwords account so that you may utilize all of the features they have to offer.

If you would like to be more specific and compare search volume patterns across certain regions, categories, time frames and properties, Google's Beta "Insights for Search" tool provides you with the data.  Let's say you want to enter a new market with your business, and you want to know the best season in their region to unveil your product and what their top search terms are.

•    You would use the option "Time Ranges".
•    Here you would select the "Time Range" that you would like to see the results.
•    Under the filter:
•    Add your Keyword - what most describes business
•    Select your area of interest and your category.
•    The results will provide you the top searches of interest over time, the regional interest, and the top searches terms as well as the rising search terms.

There are many tools available to help you find what keywords people are searching for, most paid software; however there are plenty of free resources to get you started if you search for them!

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