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Do all websites work on my Smartphone?

Viewing websites on a Smartphone is becoming increasingly common. However, while many websites can be viewed on a Smartphone, not all of them are designed to be used by cell phone users. So a user might be able to see and read a webpage on a Smartphone, but it may not look right, or may involve a lot of scrolling. There may also be parts of a website that won't work on certain phones. For example, iPhone users cannot view content made with Adobe Flash as Flash cannot be installed on an iPhone. With all of the different types of Smartphones around that are so different, a page that works well in an Android may not necessarily work well in an iPhone.

Smartphone Mobile Facebook

Some websites make "Smartphone friendly" versions that are designed to work with various Smartphone devices. It is often possible to find a mobile version of a website by putting an "m." or "mobile." in front of the domain name. For example, the mobile version of Facebook can be found at http://m.facebook.com. This can also be viewed with a regular computer browser. They may also use their domain but with a ".mobi" instead of a ".com" on the end.

For website and business owners, it is becoming more important to have a mobile version of a website. Google estimates that 50% of all Internet traffic will be from Smartphones or other mobile devices by 2013. If a Smartphone user goes to a site that either doesn't look or handle well on the phone, or doesn't work at all, they will go somewhere else.

Browsing websites with mobile devices is still in its early days but is growing at a rapid pace, so while users of Smartphones should understand that not all websites will work well with a Smartphone at this time, businesses and website owners should be looking to make their websites work well with Smartphones.

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