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Do I need special software to sync my phone, home computer and work computer if I go to the Cloud?

Going to the Cloud has several benefits. One of the biggest benefits is the convenience of being able to access your files and applications from anywhere. How does one actually do that? Is special software needed in order to use the Cloud from anywhere? Generally speaking, most applications on the Cloud do not require any special software to sync between devices.

Email is one of the most widely used services on the Cloud. It is possible to sync email between various devices, usually without any special software. Outlook or some other email client may be used to access the email from a computer (although even that is not always necessary), but it's not required to sync email with a phone or laptop.

One of the main reasons for working in the Cloud is so software doesn't have to be installed on multiple devices but can still be used from anywhere. Google Apps and Microsoft 365 are examples of business applications that can be used from anywhere simply by opening a browser. The apps and files that are accessed from one computer will be exactly the same as the what would be accessed from another. Open a browser, type in the username and password information, and there it is.

The increasing use of HTML5 will make things even easier. Developers will no longer need to worry about creating different versions of applications for various platforms. The software will be made for browsers and so the app used on a Windows based system will be the same as the app used on a Mac.

In today's world, being able to access files and information from anywhere is becoming a must. Saving files on a computer hard drive does not allow this to happen without special setups and software. Moving everything to the Cloud on the other hand, requires little more than a connection to the Internet and a browser.

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