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What should I do if I find my password has been compromised?

Passwords are compromised everyday and as soon as you find out, you should take immediate action. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as if your credit card got stolen because the fraudulent charges can be reversed; whereas the stolen information, money, or malicious actions cannot be reversed.

The first thing you will want to find out is “how did they gain access to your password?” Did they guess it? Do you have a virus/malware on your computer? Was another account using the same information compromised? Once you find the source of intrusion and protect yourself from further intrusion, you should change all of your passwords and notify anyone else who may have access to them. You may also want to contact your provider as well.

Scan your devices for Viruses/Malware.
Even if you have a program, check it to make sure it is up to date. Then, get a second opinion. You can run one of the following online scans: Kaspersky Virus Scanner or Trend Micro Virus Scan. If you access these sites through a smart phone, tablet, PC, laptop, etc, you will want to scan each device. And if one is compromised, the others likely will be too.

Change all your passwords.
It is best to change all of your passwords and create a strong password (you can use a password checker such as The Password Meter). If one is compromised, the others may also be known, so it is best to be safe and use different combinations. It is important you clean your devices first, because if you do not, the hacker may be retrieving your new passwords as you change them.

Notify Your Providers.
If your work’s network, bank, email, or hosting provider account has been compromised, it is a good idea to let them know so they can take additional measures to make sure to protect yours and others data.

Click here to learn more about protecting your passwords.

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