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What is a mobile optimized website and how is it different from a regular website?

A mobile optimized website is a website that has been designed and formatted for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Mobile websites should be easy to read and navigate on the small screens of mobile devices without having to zoom or scroll.  In comparison to a standard website, a mobile website should be smaller (typically only about 300 pixels wide), focus more on key points rather than having more detailed blocks of text, have larger navigation buttons that are easily clicked on with the touch of a finger, have fewer graphics, and include a phone number that starts a call when clicked on.  Most users accessing a mobile website are doing so with a purpose, so be sure key content is the focus such as directions, phone numbers, hours of operation, services offered, and products available.  Mobile websites are basically scaled down versions of standard websites, and are usually setup as a subdomain of the main website.

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