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Why does Outlook keep prompting for the password for my Hosted Exchange email?

When the pop up asking for the password is not accepting the password there are a couple of things that could be causing the issue. The password for the Hosted Exchange account has expired or there is an issue with the Outlook profile. The first thing to try is to log in to web mail to see if the password has expired. To do this open a web browser and go to owa.domainname.com, and log in with the user name (email address) and the password. After logging in, if the password is expired it will prompt for the old password and a new password. Fill out the requested information and then click save. Then put the new password in the pop up from Outlook and it should go away. If you cannot log into web mail call ISOCNET and we can reset your password to a new temporary password. If you are able to log into web mail with the password that Outlook was not accepting, there is an issue with the profile in Outlook. A new profile would need to be created. If you know how to do this create the new profile and set the email account up in the new profile. If you do not know how to do this, call ISOCNET.

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