Eudora 7.1 Setup

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Eudora will prompt you for setup information after it has been installed and is loaded for the first time. Click Next on this screen.

Choose the option Create a brand new email account and click Next.

In the Your Name field simply type in your name as you would like it to appear. Then click Next.

In the Email Address field type in your email address that you have with ISOC.NET. It should appear like this [email protected]. Click Next.

In the User Name field type in your username only. Then click Next.

In the Incoming Server field type in for the type of mail server, choose POP and click Next.

In the Outgoing Server field type in and click Next.

You have now finished entering all the information needed for Eudora. Click the Finish button.

Click on the Tools menu, select Options

Choose Getting Started from the Category list

Check the Allow authentication box

Click on the Sending Mail icon on the left hand side.

Check the Use submission port (587) box.

Upon sending an email message, a box will appear prompting for the password to send email. Enter in your email password and click OK