Mac Mail Setup

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Open Mail.

Click on the Mail menu and select Preferences

  • Full Name type in your name as you want people to see it when you send an email
  • Email Address type in your email address ([email protected])
  • Incoming Mail Server: (
  • Account Type: POP
  • User Name type in your username
  • Password type in your password
  • Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): (

Click OK

At this point, Mail will attempt to contact the mail server. If it fails, click the Continue button on the warning message that appears to continue with the set up.

You will then be asked to Import Mailboxes. Click the No button, unless you want to import email from another mail program.

The Welcome dialog box will appear. Click the No button.

Click on the Mail menu and select Preferences

Click the Server Settings button under Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

Change the server port number from 25 to 587

Change Authentication to Password

Enter your username

Enter your password

Click OK and you will have completed the setup.