List Server Commands

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The URL for managing the list is: (where "" is your domain)

The mailing list’s email address is in the format of: (where "listname" is the name of your list and "" is your domain). This is the email you address you send email to when sending something to your list.

Every mailing list has a set of email addresses that messages can be sent to. There's always one address for posting messages to the list, one address that bounces will be sent to, and addresses for processing email commands. For example, for a mailing list called, you'd find these addresses:

    • - this is the email address people should use for new postings to the list.
    • - by sending a message to this address, a new member can request subscription to the list. Both the Subject: header and body of such a message are ignored. Note that is an alias for the -subscribe address.
    • - by sending a message to this address, a member can request unsubscription from the list. As with the -subscribe address, the Subject: header and body of the message is ignored. Note that is an alias for the -unsubscribe address.
    • - This address reaches the list owner and list moderators directly.
    • - This address reaches a mail robot which processes email commands that can be used to set member subscription options, as well as process other commands.
    • - This address receives bounces from members whose addresses have become either temporarily or permanently inactive. The -bounces address is also a mail robot that processes bounces and automatically disables or removes members as configured in the bounce processing settings. Any bounce messages that are either unrecognized, or do not seem to contain member addresses, are forwarded to the list administrators.