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Web users allow the use of personal web pages within a hosted domain. An educational institution for example can use web users for settings up personal pages of students and staff. These pages have the form of

Sometimes a customer will want to provide FTP access for someone to upload files to. It is a bad idea to give out the main FTP information for a website as that would give the person full access to the website. To get around this, the customer can use a web user. Web users are given their own space on the hosted site along with their own FTP information that provides access only to that part of the site. A web user creates a sub folder on the site that can be used to upload files to.

An important thing to note is that anything placed under a web user account does count towards the total space limit allowed for the website.

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Web users are added through the control panel. Click on the Web Users icon.

Select the Add New Web User icon.

Type in a username for the web user and a secure password, then click OK.

You will then see the web user that has been created.

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To access the space provided for the web user, any FTP client can be used. Type in the domain name and then the username and password created for the web user.

The web user will not have access to the full site for the domain. They will only have access to their own part of the site.

If the web user is being used for personal web space, it can be accessed in a browser by typing in

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To remove a web user, click on the Web Users icon from the control panel.

Check the web user to be removed and click on Remove Selected.

Confirm the removal and click on OK.

And the web user will be removed, as well as anything that was saved under that web user.