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Report Items are the backbone of the SmarterStats application, and every statistic taken from your log files (e.g. Top Paths) is considered a Report Item. Report Items contain a single table of information and optionally, a chart.

Under Report Items are several different categories of stats and reports that are available. Expanding each category will show the various reports for that category. The far right hand side has a calendar to select a custom date range, and also specify other options such as the type of chart used and how many rows of information to use.

Under Files are reports based on such items as pages most viewed and files retrieved the most.

The reports under Traffic show various reports looking at the total and average amount of traffic to the site. You can use these report items to identify common web activity patterns, and to plan for bandwidth usage or web site metering.

The Paths reports show the most frequent traffic patterns for the site such as the most frequent entry and exit pages for the site. If your top entry pages are few in number, with a large percentage of the total traffic, you may want to consider making additional "landing pages" focused on specific areas of your business to allow for greater search engine exposure. Single-hit paths near the top of the list should be investigated as potential optimization areas, as they sometimes indicate a lack of interest-generating content or a bad visitor experience (slow load times, bad design, cultural issues, etc).

The Visitors reports show information regarding activity regarding individual users. You can see information such as the IP addresses of people visiting the site as well as any Authenticated Users if that is applicable for the website.

Any time a visitor comes to your site, chances are they came from somewhere else. The site that they come from, therefore, is called the "referring site". This report shows you the domain name or IP address that referred a visitor to your site, in descending order, based on the number of times that domain name or IP address was the referrer. If a person types your web site address, or the URL to any particular page within your web site, directly into their browser's address bar, or if your site is their homepage when they open the browser, there will not be a referral for that visit because the visitor is not coming from someplace prior to hitting your site, they are coming directly to your site. The Referrals stats will show these sites.

The reports under Browsers list the top browsers (like IE, Firefox, etc) and also the operating systems (Windows XP, Macintosh etc) used by your web site visitors. You may want to use the results of this report when site planning, to target your audience more effectively.

Under Server Responses are reports regarding return codes such as errors. Various result codes exist that can be returned by a server when a user requests a web site resource. This report item shows the most common codes being returned by your site. Codes are grouped according to the list below:

  • 200-level codes - Indicate a successful return of data. 2xx codes are good.
  • 300-level codes - Indicate that the browser was redirected to another site resource. 3xx codes do not usually indicate a problem.
  • 400-level codes - Indicate that a resource was either not found, or denied for some reason. If you get many 4xx codes, it may be worth investigating the cause.
  • 500-level codes - Indicate that an error occurred while responding to the request. If you get many 5xx codes, it may be worth investigating the cause.

The Search Engines reports show the Search Engines that are directing traffic to your website. By default, SmarterStats keeps a list of over 100 different Search Engines. They also show the top search phrases used by people to find your website in a Search Engine.

Geographics reports show the traffic from different regions around the country and around the world.