SmarterStats Logging In And Settings

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SmarterStats is an application that essentially takes the information stored in the log files created by a web server and portrays that information in a graphical, easy-to-read format.

In order to access SmarterStats, open up a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) and type in the address and hit Enter. This will bring up the log in screen.

You will need to type in your domain name or Site ID number in the Site ID, as well as the Username and Password for your stats, and then click Login. This will take you to your stats main page.

On the left hand side of the main page you will find all the different reporting options available. In the middle of the page is where the stats and reports are shown. When first logging into Smarter Stats it will have a summary of the most commonly viewed stats for the last seven days.

Under the Settings button, it is possible to setup for emailing a report, add report Filters and change account settings.

On the Account Settings options a user can change their password (not generally recommended) and other reporting options such as:

  • Default Date Range - This is the default date range that will be selected when you log in
  • Default Rows - Choose the default number of rows to show in report item tables
  • Chart Type - Choose from Standard or Advanced (requires the Silverlight plug-in) charts

Under Site Settings is an option for SMTP Settings. This allows reports to be sent out via email. You need to put in an outgoing mail server for the SMTP server. If the customer has email with us it could be setup to use where the “:587” is used to specify the port number to send on. Put in the From Address and if the mail server being used requires SMTP Authentication, (as ours do) those details need to be filled out also.

SmarterStats gives you control over how your log files are processed. The Site Import Settings page allows you to configure options to adjust the time zone of your logs or ignore specific rows in the logs.