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Sharing Resources
Viewing Shared Resources

Sharing Resources

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With the Collaborative Edition of Standard Mail, there are extra sharing options that become available. Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes and even mail folders can be shared. The sharing options are available under the Settings ribbon, and then selecting Shared Resources from under the Sharing folder tree. To set something up to share, you will need to click on the New button.

Standard Mail Shared Resources

You then select what it is you wish to share, and then click Next.

Standard Mail New Shared Resources

The next screen will allow you to select which users you wish to share with and what access to give them. Access options are None, Read-Only, Full Control, or, for the calendar, Availability-Only. Click Save when done.

Standard Mail Shared Access

You will then see a list of what you are currently sharing. From here you can choose to edit or delete the sharing.

Standard Mail Shared Access

Viewing Shared Resources

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To see if someone is sharing something with you, click on Mapped Resources. You will see a list of usernames along with what type of resource they are sharing and the type of access you have. The Status will start of as Detached.

Standard Mail Mapped Resources

In order to view it you will need to check the box next to the resource, and click the Attach button.

Standard Mail Attach Shared Resources

Once a shared resource is attached, you can then click on the Calendar ribbon, or whatever item is being shared. Select the drop down arrow next to My Calendar, and you will be able to choose the calendar of anyone who is sharing.

Standard Mail Choose User

You will then be able to see the calendar, tasks, notes or contacts for that user.

Standard Mail Shared Calendar


Standard Mail's calendar feature allows users to choose their default calendar view, show task start dates and due dates, specify working hours, and view the 7-day weather forecast.

Plus, the free-busy scheduler and appointment invites with availability checking make it easy to find time to collaborate with business and personal contacts.