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The Outlook Web Access for Hosted Exchange provides webmail access to your email, calendars, contacts and more. It provides all the functionality of your Microsoft Outlook in your web browser and keeps everything in sync with your Outlook client.

To access the webmail go to in Internet Explorer.

Your email address will need to be in the form of [email protected]. Type your password underneath and click Log on.

Outlook Web Access Log In

The first time logging into the webmail you will be asked for the language and timezone. Make any changes necessary and click ok.

Outlook Web Access Language and Time Zone

The webmail interface is just like Microsoft Outlook and is used in almost exactly the same way. On the left hand side will be the "folder tree" with your Inbox, Deleted Items and other folders. In the middle will be the emails currently in the selected folder, and to the right of that is the preview pane showing your email. Calendars, Contacts and Tasks can be accessed just the same as Microsoft Outlook, in the lower left hand side.

Outlook Web Access Webmail Interface

Select New to create a new email or meeting request when Mail is selected on the bottom left hand side.

Outlook Web Access Mail New

Select New to create a new email, appointment, or meeting request when Calendar is selected on the bottom left hand side.

Outlook Web Access Calendar New

Select New to create a new email, contact, or group when Contacts is selected on the bottom left hand side.

Outlook Web Access Contacts New

Select New to create a new email or task when Tasks is selected on the bottom left hand side.

Outlook Web Access Tasks New

When creating a new message, type in the address to send to, the subject and the text of the email. This works in the same way as Microsoft Outlook. Click Send to send the email.

Outlook Web Access New Message

There are many different settings that can be adjusted in the Outlook Web Access. Access them by clicking on Options.

Outlook Web Access Options

When options is clicked a drop down menu appears with three choices: Set Automatic Replies, Create an Inbox Rule, or See All Options. Selecting see all options allows you to see and change any option available for the email account including setting automatic replies and creating inbox rules click See All Options.

Outlook Web Access Options Drop Down Menu

Settings allows you to set the number of emails displayed per page as well as turning on and off notification messages and sounds and to set up an Email Signature.

Outlook Web Access Settings Mail Options

Organize E-Mail is where auto responders are set up. Turn the option on or off, set the dates for when it should be used, and write your message.This is also where you could set up inbox rules.

Outlook Web Access Organize E-Mail Options

Block or Allow is for using the spam filters that are built into the Web Access. This filtering is different to the Mail Filtering service that ISOCNET can provide for Hosted Exchange users*. Emails picked up by the junk mail filter will go into the Junk E-mail folder. This can be turned on or off, and you can add Safe Senders and Blocked Senders as needed.

Outlook Web Access Block or Allow Options

*For more information about adding ISOCNET's Mail Filtering to your Hosted Exchange service, click here


While the Web Access can be used in any browser, for full functionality it needs to be used in Internet Explorer.