iPad/iPhone4 Email Setup

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The following is specifically for an iPad, but the iPhone4 is about the same, so it should work for both an iPad and an iPhone.

To configure IMAP for your iPad or iPhone device, select Settings.

iPad Settings

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars and then Add Account...

iPad Add Account

Choose Other

iPad Other Account

Select Add Mail Account

Type in the following information:


Click Save

iPad New Account

Choose IMAP and then fill out the following:

Incoming Mail Server:


Outgoing Mail Server:


Tap Save to save the entered information.

iPad Account Information

A message may appear that says "Cannot Get Mail" or "Cannot Send Mail". If you get this, click OK and verify that the User Name and/or Password is correct. Then click Save.

You may then get the following message: "New Account. This account may not be able to send or receive emails. Are you sure you want to save?". Click Save.

iPad New Account Message

Upon successful completion of the mailbox setup you are taken back to the Mail Settings screen. You will also need to make a few adjustments. Go back to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and select your account. Under Outgoing Mail Server select mail.yourdomain.com to the right of SMTP.

iPad Edit Settings

Set the following:

  • Use SSL: OFF
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 587


Select Done.

iPad SMTP Settings

Click on the arrow-shaped button that the name of the account you've set up in it, to go back to the Account Settings screen.

iPad Exit SMTP Settings

Select Advanced

iPad Select Advanced Settings

Set the following:

  • Use SSL: OFF
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 143 - it should default to this


iPad Advanced Settings

Click Done and the setup is complete.