Using Webmail

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To access Webmail open up a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) and type in the address or and hit Enter.
On the Login screen, type in your email address ([email protected]) and password, and then click the Login button.

Webmail Login

On the left hand side will be your folders. Above those, you will see how much space is being used and how much total space is available. Email messages will be shown on the right hand side.

Webmail Inbox

To open an email just click on the email you wish to view.

Webmail Open Email

The email will show information such as who the email is from, when it was sent and the subject of the email.

Webmail Read Email

You have the option to Reply, Reply to All (reply to everyone the email was sent to), Forward, Delete or add the sender to the Trusted or Blocked senders list. Printing the email from here is also possible.

Webmail Email Options

When replying to an email, just type in your reply and click Send.

Webmail Reply To Email

To delete email, check the box (or boxes) next to the emails you wish to delete and click Delete/Undelete. The emails being deleted will have a line marked through them. This means they are marked for deletion but at this point can still be recovered.

Webmail Delete Email

Emails that have been marked for deletion can be completely removed by clicking Purge Deleted. *Note* after emails have been purged they cannot be recovered.

Webmail Purge Deleted Email

To create a new email, click on the Compose button, type in the address the email is being sent to, add in the subject and compose your email.

Webmail Compose Email

You can add an attachment by clicking on the Attachments button before sending the email.

Webmail Add Attachment

On the attachments page, click the Browse button.

Webmail Browse Attachments

Select the file you wish to attach and click the Open button.

Webmail Select Attachments

Then select the Attach button. This can be repeated for multiple attachments.

Webmail Attach File

Click Close to get back to the email.

Webmail Close Attachments

To send the email, click then Send button.

Webmail Send Email


You can change font type, colors etc by switching to Rich Text Format.

Webmail Rich Text Format