Webmail Message Rules

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Custom message rules, or email filters, can be created by selecting Rules from under Settings. Then click on Add Rule.

Webmail Message Rules

Give the rule a name. Then select the different options you would like to setup for the rule. For example, checking the Subject field for certain text and then choosing to discard it or move it to a particular folder. Finally, click Save.

Webmail Add Message Rule

You will see all current message rules listed. Rules can be listed in order of preference using the Move Up and Move Down buttons.

Webmail Message Rule

You can also delete one or more rules by checking the box for each rule you wish to delete and click on Delete Rule.


Webmail Delete Message Rule


If a mailbox is setup in Outlook, any message rules setup in Outlook are separate to those setup in webmail. The rules in webmail are applied before any rules in Outlook are.