Hosted Exchange - Sharing Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

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When you use Outlook with a Hosted Exchange account, Calendars, Contacts and Notes can be shared between people. The process for each is virtually the same.

Normally when Outlook is opened it defaults to Mail. On the bottom left hand side you should see Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Clicking on any of these will switch Outlook to which ever option you select. To go to the Calendar, select Calendar.

Outlook Sharing Calendar

To share your Calendar, click on Share My Calendar...

Outlook Share My Calendar

An email type window will show up. Click the To button to select who you would like to share your Calendar with, or type in the name.

Type in a Subject. Check the box for Allow receipient to view your calendar to allow the user access to your Calendar.

You can also check the box that says Request permission to view recipient's Calendar if you would also like to access their Calendar.

Click Send to send the message.

Outlook Share Email

Current sharing permissions can be viewed or changed by right clicking on your Calendar under My Calendars. From the menu select Change Sharing Permissions.

Outlook Change Sharing Permissions

Select the Permissions tab if needed. You will see a list of users that have access to your Shared Calendar and the permission levels they have. Users can be added and removed from here using the Add or Remove buttons. Various other permission levels can be set below.

Outlook Change Set Permission Levels

Sharing for Contacts can be set in much the same fashion after selecing Contacts from the bottom left.

Outlook Share Contacts

Tasks can also be shared using the same method after selecting Tasks from the bottom left.

Outlook Share Tasks


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