Advance Mail Quarantine Reports (User)

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User settings allow you to change settings on an individual user level. These changes only affect the email account that they are set for. User settings can override Global settings, or add to them in the case of Trusted Senders and Blocked Senders. To edit User settings, click the User tab. You will then be able to select the email address you wish to change the settings for.

Quarantine Reports send out an email letting the user know what email has been filtered into their Quarantine folder. This will send out at regular intervals, such as once a day. If there are any emails in the Quarantine folder that you would like, they can be released straight from the Quarantine Report. If you use an email client such as Outlook to send and receive email, you won't have to log into the webmail in order to release emails in the Quarantine folder.

Click Reporting to view or change the Quarantine Reports settings.

Webmail User Settings

You may need to select Override my server defaults box to be able to make any changes.

Webmail User Settings

You can then turn the Quarantine Reports on or off by selecting Never or Generate reports every. When enabled, you can specify how often you would like to receive a Quarantine Report.


Other options include Show all quarantined items or Show only new items since last report.

Once satisfied with the settings, click Save.

Webmail User Settings - Quarantine Reports


The Quarantine folder can be emptied straight from the Quarantine Report. Simply click on the Delete All Contents from the bottom of the Quarantine Report.