How To Find The Server Settings

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To find the server settings, you need to log in to the Outlook Web Access which is covered here.

Once logged into the Outlook Web Access, you can get the server settings by clicking Options.

Microsoft Web Access Options

When options is clicked a drop down menu appears with three choices: Set Automatic Replies, Create an Inbox Rule, or See All Options. Selecting see all options allows you to see and change any option available for the email account including setting automatic replies and creating inbox rules. To find the server settings click See All Options.

Outlook Web Access Options Drop Down Menu

When the options page opens look in the middle of the screen and click on the link for Settings for POP, IMAP, and SMTP access... this will popup a window with the settings. You may need to enable popup windows in the web browser if it does not appear after clicking the link.

Hosted Exchange Server Settings


While the Web Access can be used in any browser, for full functionality it needs to be used in Internet Explorer.