How to Setup on Mobile Device

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Hosted Exchange email accounts can be set up on a mobile device. Such as your cell phone or tablet. The way to set this up varies depending on the operating system on the device. When the device was purchased you may have heard or seen if it was Android, iOS(iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch), BlackBerry, or Windows.

If you do not know the operating system on the device you can tell by what you use to download APPS. The iOS device will use the APP Store, Android uses Google Play Store (Market), BlackBerry uses BlackBerry APP World, and Windows uses Marketplace. The links below will help you setup Hosted Exchange on your mobile device.

Setup Links by Device Type


Unlike traditional POP mail service you do not have to worry about removing downloaded messages from the server and not being able to view them via another computer or webmail.

With Hosted Exchange you are viewing the messages right from the server. Your messages and folders are on the server and able to be viewed from all your computers, mobile devices and via webmail.