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Firefox add-on warning

For anyone out there who may have installed the add-on to Firefox called "Mozilla Sniffer", you will likely want to remove it and change your passwords. Mozilla, the group behind Firefox, has recently disabled and blocked the application as it steals log in information when users visits websites.

The add-on was available from on addons.mozilla.org and was downloaded about 1800 times before it was blocked. It was found to send log in data to a remote server. The block will prompt the add-on to be uninstalled for anyone who has the application. If you have used this program, it is recommended that you change passwords to be sure that any accounts you have are not compromised.

As a reminder, this week's "Patch Tuesday" was the last for Windows XP SP2 and also Windows 2000. This means Microsoft will no longer be creating anymore patches and updates for Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000. Windows XP systems that are updated to SP3 will continue to receive updates and patches until 2014.

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