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Dear Windows 7, where is my email client??

So you've been happily (or unhappily depending on your experiences) using Outlook Express on your Windows XP for many years now, or maybe you are one of those people who did decide to upgrade to Windows Vista and used the "Outlook Express for Vista" otherwise known as Windows Mail, but now you're going to the latest Windows 7. If you've already made the change or bought the new Windows 7 PC, you may have noticed that you can't find Outlook Express, or even Windows Mail. Is it hidden somewhere?

The simple answer is, Windows 7 does not come with any email program at all. No Outlook Express, no Windows Mail, nothing. Why Microsoft didn't include an email program is not certain, but what it means is that you will have to find your own email client to use.

If you have Microsoft Office, you can use Outlook (which is different to Outlook Express). Otherwise you'll have to pick from a variety of others. Microsoft would like you to use their Windows Live Mail (different to Vista's Windows Mail). It is a free download, but will also try and install other things like the Windows Live Messenger among other programs.

However, Microsoft is far from the only choice out there. Mozilla Thunderbird is a popular option. Other email programs include Eudora and Opera Mail (which comes with the Opera browser). There are numerous others out there, and it really comes down to a personal choice.

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