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"Here You Have" a virus

A new email worm is rapidly spreading out over the internet. The email contains the subject line "Here you have" or "Just for you". Contained in the body of the message are links supposedly pointing to documents or adult movies but in fact points to a malicious file that is posing as a PDF file. The PDF in reality is a .scr file which is a Windows Screensaver. A format that was commonly used to spread viruses several years ago.

Once the PC is infected, the worm then sends itself to everyone in the user's address book. It will attempt to disable any anti-virus software that is running and sending itself out over any local network shares. The worm attempts to steal password information stored in other programs, such as web browsers and email clients.

So people can't be warned enough about the importance of being very careful about files and websites you open. Especially when they are contained in poorly written emails!

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