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Don't Be Fooled!

A common technique used by scammers is to send out "phishing" emails. That is, they send emails that try to fool you into thinking they are from anywhere ranging from your bank, to an online store like Amazon, to your internet provider. From these emails they try to get certain information, maybe your bank details, or some other username and password information. Unfortunately ISOCNET is often included in these scams. One such email that we recently became aware of looks something like this:

There are usually giveaways on such emails. In this case there are several. For one, ISOCNET would never ask for your username and password or to validate your account over an email. Also, paying attention to the "From" shows an address that is NOT an ISOC email address (cmspan.net). The link in the email also points to some website that isn't ISOCNET (22web.net). There would be no reason for us to have you validate an account on someone else's server.

Emails claiming to be from ISOCNET but really aren't, are nearly always (99.9%) of the time quarantined by our email filters (unless isoc.net has been added as a trusted sender). So if you see such an email asking for username and password information or in this case to "validate" your account in your quarantine folder, don't ever reply to it. Anything legitimately coming from us is automatically trusted and so never appears in the quarantine folder.

These types of emails will try and trick people into giving up usernames and passwords so their mailboxes can then be used to send out more spam. So when receiving odd email such as these that you weren't expecting, make sure to look VERY carefully at it, and if there is any doubt make a call to verify it (whether it's us, or your bank, or whoever else).

If you have responded to such an email, change your password immediately, and contact whoever the email was pretending to be.

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