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Last of the IPv4 addresses handed out today

The last of the IPv4 addresses was handed out today. Back in May last year we blogged about the Internet running out of IP addresses (see here). The Internet started out with 4 billion IP addresses, which at the time was conceived as being more than would be ever needed. As time has gone on, more and more people and more and more devices have come online around the world. Now not only are there computers getting on the Internet, but cell phones, tablets, gaming systems, blu ray players and a host of other devices. All of which need an IP address to be able to communicate over the Internet.

So is this the end of the Internet? Not exactly. IPv6 (version 6) has been created as a replacement. IPv6 has an almost limitless number of addresses available to be used (340 undecillion which is 340 followed by another 36 zeroes!). However, adoption of IPv6 has been lacking throughout the industry. With today's ceremony for IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) handing out the last of their IP addresses to the different regions, it will force a switch over to the new IP system.

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