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Firefox 4 Released

Yesterday Mozilla released their new browser Firefox 4. Already in less than 24 hours it has been downloaded more than 7 million times and counting. Compare that to Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 which downloaded about 2.35 million in the first 24 hours. Firefox 4 has the advantage that it can be installed on Windows XP whereas Internet Explorer 9 is restricted to Windows Vista and 7.

The new Firefox sports a cleaner look with the menu bar making way so websites can take up more space. This is the way browsers have been going since Google's Chrome first introduced the look. Mozilla's new browser is also much quicker than the previous versions, and includes a new "do not track" feature similar to the one IE9 also now has.

HTML 5 has good support with Firefox 4. Mozilla also has an HTML 5 demo page with some very interesting activities that show off the capabilities of the new HTML standard. You can see them here.

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