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Mac Malware

Many Mac users have considered themselves immune to malware and viruses. After all, it's a Mac, and no one has problems with Macs. The reality though is that Macs are susceptible to getting infected just like any Windows PC. To an extent Mac users may be even more vulnerable to getting infected with malware and viruses.

Because of the idea that Macs can't get viruses, there are many Macs out there that have no antivirus or anti-malware software installed. Apple hasn't had to worry about security as much as Microsoft has because most attacks are aimed at Windows. Hackers figure they get more impact when they hit Windows based computers because there simply are more of them.

Things may be changing. Mac security is starting to be questioned following a new malware program being labelled Mac Defender or Mac Protector, among other names. This malware infects computers through a pop up window or from Google Images. Once it has infected the machine, it will bring up windows claiming that their computer is infected by a virus and they need to install antivirus software to fix it. In some browsers, the pop up will automatically download and install the fake antivirus software. This will then cause some adult material to pop up and ask the user to pay to have the fake viruses removed.

So while the amount of malware infecting Mac users is still much lower than Windows users, the Mac users still need to be wary of potential infections and should strongly consider some kind of security software.

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