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Firefox 4 Replaced With Firefox 5

Yesterday Mozilla released the newest version of their browser, Firefox 5. This is the first release of their new 6 week release cycle, where they will be releasing a new version of Firefox every 6 weeks.

With the release of Firefox 5, also comes the end of support for Firefox 4. That means that Mozilla will no longer be releasing any security updates for Firefox 4. As far as Mozilla is concerned, Firefox 5 is the security update to Firefox 4. This approach is very similar to Google's with their Chrome browser.

The new version of Firefox doesn't look much different to its predecessor. Most of the differences occur in the back end which make Firefox 5 more secure and run quicker than version 4. There are users out there though who may want to hold off on the update. The biggest reason someone would not want to immediately upgrade is because of the add-ons that are a big part of the Firefox experience. Add-ons are often not kept up to date as often as the browser itself, so there can be compatibility issues.

Mozilla plans to release their next version of Firefox in August.

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