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Firefox 6 Released, Firefox 7 Already On Its Way

Just a few weeks after Firefox 5 was released, Mozilla brought out Firefox 6. After taking several years to get to version 4, the new release schedule from Mozilla now brings out a new release every 6 weeks or so. This follows Google's similar release schedule for their Chrome browser.

So what's the deal with version 6 and should I upgrade? When upgrading from version 5 to version 6 you won't see any huge differences. One feature of Firefox 6 is that it now highlights the domain name in the address bar by putting it in bold text. Most of the changes for the new browser come behind the scenes.

Probably the biggest reason to upgrade to Firefox 6 is security. With the new release schedule, any versions higher than 3.6 will no longer receive security updates. Mozilla basically considers the new version the security update.

Security could also be a reason not to upgrade though. When updating to version 6, some add-ons may no longer work. This is one of the biggest problems with such an aggressive release schedule. Why would developers want to keep updating their add-ons when there is going to be a new version of the browser coming out again in another few weeks?

In the same week that Firefox 6 was released, the first beta version of Firefox 7 was also released. This version is promising to use much less memory than previous versions of Firefox. The current schedule for the release of Firefox 7 is September 27th.

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