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Firefox Plugin Can Cause CMS Issues

If you use a CMS (Content Management System) or any kind of web-based HTML editor for your website, you should be wary of a certain Firefox plugin that can potentially break the CMS or HTML editor.

The Firefox browser allows for many types of addons and plugins to add functionality to the browser. Anything from blocking ads to giving you a weather forecast. However some of these plugins can have other unwanted effects and can cause problems to certain websites.

One of these is called Browser Highlighter. This addon is commonly installed with the Skype program. It's main function is to highlight phone numbers, forms and products, according to the product description. Skype uses it to allow users to click on phone numbers from web pages and call them through the Skype software.

The problem with this browser addon is that when editing a website through a CMS or an online HTML editor, it adds in hidden javascript code. This hidden javascript code can then break the CMS or HTML editor and prevent further updates from being completed. Removing the added javascript code fixes the issue, but it will continue to add the code back in there each time the page is updated.

Disabling or removing the plugin from Firefox will stop the code being added in. If for some reason it's an addon you just can't go without, then you could either use a different browser, or just disable it while editing a webpage.

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