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How to find out a website's Meta Keywords, Descriptions, and Titles

A website's meta data is used to improve the ranking of a website in a search engine, such as Google. Meta data are the tags used by a website that include a description and keywords for a website. This data is often used by the search engines when adding a page to their search index. Each webpage on a website usually has its own meta data.

It is possible to view the meta data of a website by going to the website in a browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. When on the webpage that you wish to see the meta data on, right click somewhere on the page with the mouse and select "View Source" (Internet Explorer), or "View Page Source" (Firefox or Chrome). This will bring up the code of the page you are looking at.

When looking at the source code of a webpage, the meta data will be between the <head></head> tags and listed as <meta name="description"> and <meta name="keywords">. There could be other meta data on there but those are the most common ones. These tags will show both the description being used and the keywords being used.

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