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I'll update later... What could possibly go wrong?

Updates for Reader, XP, Windows, Flash, Java, Firefox…..Updates, updates, updates!  Tired of updating your PC all the time?  Who needs them, right?  Wrong. 

What no one has time for is picking up the pieces after a successful exploit targets our PC.  We should always patch our systems and in a timely manner.  Consider this:  As soon as a new hotfix or patch is announced, eager hackers start a new cat and mouse challenge; many already know about a vulnerability.  It could even be that Joe Hacker has already picked out his favorite target… your business… and is waiting patiently for next Tuesday's update announcement. 

If you have ever considered turning off your updates, it certainly can be done, but you would be better off canceling your Internet connection.  It is not recommended for anyone who connects to the Internet regularly to disregard updates simply because they are inconvenient. 

Many companies now have regular times when they release updates. For example, Microsoft releases updates on the second Tuesday or every month. This can make it a little easier to know when to update.

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