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Why are passwords getting so long?

The first step to creating a secure password is the character length. The more characters in the password the better it is.

The table below shows how long today’s average computer would take to decipher a password of different lengths, assuming that the password doesn't contain any words in the dictionary. The All Characters column shows the time if the password contains uppercase, lowercase and special characters. The Only Lowercase column shows how long it would take if the password was all lowercase letters.

Password Length All Characters Only Lowercase
3 characters 0.86 seconds 0.02 seconds
4 characters 1.36 minutes 0.046 seconds
5 characters 2.15 hours 11.9 seconds
6 characters 8.51 days 5.15 minutes
7 characters 2.21 years 2.23 hours
8 characters 2.10 centuries 2.42 days
9 characters 20 millennia 2.07 months
10 characters 1899 millennia 4.48 years
11 characters 180365 millennia 1.16 centuries
12 characters 17,184,705 millennia 3.03 millennia
13 characters 1,627,797,068 millennia 78.7 millennia
14 characters 154,640,721,434 millennia 2046 millennia

As you can see here, the more characters a password has, the better it is. Based on this, a password should really have a minimum of 8 characters. And as computers become more powerful, the quicker they will decipher passwords and hack systems.

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