Remote Support - LogMeIn

While most support issues can be resolved easily over the phone sometimes it is just not that simple. ISOCNET now has the ability to provide Remote Support. This allows one of our technicians to share your desktop while they are on the phone with you so they can see what you see and further assist you with those stubborn support issues.

To allow our technicians to share your desktop, you will first need to download and install the LogMeIn client. Click Here to get it and then follow the instructions below for installation.

Check the I have received this link from a trusted source box and click Continue.

step 1

Select the Install LogMeIn button.

step 2

If your PC doesn't have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed, it will ask you to install it now. Click Here to skip these instructions.

To install the .NET Framework, select Install Now.


Select I have read and ACCEPT the terms of the License Agreement and click the Install button.


Once the .NET Framework installation is completed, click Exit.


You may be asked whether to Run the software. If so, click Run.

step 4

The LogMeIn software will then download.

step 4a

Once it has downloaded, click Next.

step 5

It will tell you which account the installation is being attached to (ISOCNET). Click Next.

step 5a

Click I Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

step 5b

On the Software options, select Typical and click Next.

step 5c

You will be asked to enter in a Computer Access Code. This is like a password. MAKE SURE TO REMEMBER THIS AS WE WILL NEED IT TO CONNECT TO YOU.

step 5d

If you wish to change the default location to install to, you can do so, otherwise click Next.

step 5e

The software will then install.

step 5f

Once completed, click Finish.

step 5g

You will see the Welcome screen. If you don't wish to see this each time, you can select Don't show this welcome screen again. Anytime you need to open the LogMeIn client you can find it by the clock in the bottom right corner of your screen.

step 6

Clicking on the Overview tab will show that the computer is accessible via and also give you an option to Turn off. You can turn it off once our technician is done. If you leave it installed, it will be ready to turn back on if you need help again in the future.

step 6a