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To access Standard Mail open up a browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) and type in the address or and hit Enter.

On the Login screen, type in your email address ([email protected]) and password, and then click the Login button. If logging in for the first time, you may need to set your time zone. This takes you to your email.

Standard Mail Log In

If your Inbox isn’t already selected, you can click on it from the left hand side. Note that the Junk Mail folder and the Deleted Items folder will not show up until the first spam is received or first email is deleted.

Standard Mail Home Screen

Read Email

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To open an email just double click on the email you wish to view.

Standard Mail Inbox

You have the option to Reply, Reply All (reply to everyone the email was sent to), Forward, Delete, mark it as Spam or Move it to another folder. Printing the email from here is also possible.

Standard Mail Sample Email

Create New Message

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To create a new email, click on the New button. Type in the address the email is being sent to, add in the subject and compose your email. Then hit Send.

Standard Mail New Message

You can add an attachment by clicking on the Attach Files tab before sending the email. Select the file you wish to attach and click the Open button. This can be repeated for multiple attachments. You will see all attachments listed at the bottom of the email.

Standard Mail Choose Attachment

Standard Mail Attachments

You can also see a list of all attachments, both sent and received by selecting All Attachments from under the tree on the left hand side.

Standard Mail All Attachments

Move And Delete Email

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You can select emails from the main inbox page by checking the boxes next to the emails you wish to select. If you want to select all the emails on the page at once you can check the top box to the left of the From heading.

Standard Mail Select Mail

When emails have been selected, they can then be moved by clicking Actions and selecting Move and choosing where to move the emails to.

Standard Mail Move Mail

To delete a message click Delete.

Standard Mail Delete Mail


With ISOCNET's Standard Mail, you can access your email from any computer with a connection to the Internet and a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox using webmail? Just go to the browser and type in either or