Standard Mail Filtering

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Spam Filtering
Trusted Senders
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Spam Filtering

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Spam Filtering is setup on the email account by default. Email that is considered spam is put into a Junk Mail folder (not visible until the first piece of spam is received from the account). These options can be changed by clicking on the clicking on the Settings ribbon.

Standard Mail Settings Ribbon

Select Spam Filtering under the Filtering folder tree.

Standard Mail Spam Filtering

Accounts are set to use default spam settings but on the Options tab you can select Override spam settings for this account. When this is selected, the options to change the spam settings become available on the Actions tab.

Standard Mail Override Spam Settings

On the Actions tab, there are three levels of spam probability options. Low, Medium and High. Each level of probability can be configured separately to allow the email through (No Action), to mark it as spam but let it through, to move to the Junk Mail folder, or to be deleted.

Standard Mail Spam Settings

Trusted Senders

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For senders that are getting filtered incorrectly, they can be added to a Trusted Senders list. Clicking on Trusted Senders under the My Settings tree to the left will allow email addresses or domain names to be added as needed.

Standard Mail Trusted Senders

Click New, type in the email address or domain and click Save.

Standard Mail Add Trusted Sender

Content Filtering

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Content Filtering allows for rules to be setup that can specify what to do with certain emails. A rule could be setup to delete all email coming from a particular email address, move it to a particular folder or mark it as read, among other things. Custom email filters can be created by selecting Content Filtering from under the Filtering folder tree.

Standard Mail Content Filtering

After clicking on New, a variety of different options can be chosen to create specific filters for your email.

Step 1 - Filter Criteria

In this step of the wizard, choose the type of things that the filter will look at. Multiple criteria can be chosen, and you can choose in the next step whether all criteria must be met, or only one of the criteria for the filter to activate. Click Next when the criteria have been selected.

Standard Mail Content Filtering Step 1

Step 2 - Filter Type and Criteria Details

Choose whether this filter requires addtional criteria before an action is performed. Then choose whether you will be using any wildcards in your search strings. Usually, wildcards will not be necessary, but there are times when some people may want them.

For each of the criteria you chose in step 1, you will be able to enter details. Many types of content filters allow lists of items to be entered in, and these will be indicated. For example, if you chose to filter by the From Address, you can enter multiple email addresses in the box (one per line) and if a message is from any of them, that criteria will be met.

You also have the ability to reverse the logic of a specific criteria item by changing the "matches" box to "does not match." Click Next when done.

Standard Mail Content Filtering Step 2

Step 3 - Rule and Actions

A summary of your content filter rule will appear near the top of the page. Check that it is filtering the way you intend, and enter a name for the rule so that you can easily identify it later.

Choose one or more actions to take when a message matches this filter. Then click Save.

Standard Mail Content Filtering Step 3

Folder Auto-Clean

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Folder Auto-Clean allows the system to be setup to automatically clear out emails from a specified folder. It can be set to clear emails out based on the age of the email or by the size of the folder. The options are found under the Filtering folder tree and selecting Folder Auto-Clean.

Standard Mail Folder Auto Clean

To change the settings, you will need to click Override auto-clean settings for this account

To add a new rule, click on the Add Rule button.

Standard Mail Folder Auto Clean Override

You can then select the Folder to apply the rule to, and set the Type to either Size or Date. Click Save once completed.

Standard Mail Folder Auto Clean Rule


A blacklist is a list of usernames or IP addresses that are denied access to a system.

Often email administrators will employ blacklists to block emails that come from networks known to host spammers.