Standard Mail Weather Forecast

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Standard Mail does more than just allow you to send and receive email. The Weather Forecast feature works with your calendar to provide a 7-day forecast so you can plan your outdoor events.

The weather forecast can be viewed when the calendar is in Weekly or Daily views. To enable the weather forecasts, click on the Settings ribbon on the left hand side.

Weather Forecast Settings

Expand the Advanced Settings tree by clicking on the + symbol next to it. Then select Calendar Settings.

Weather Forecast Calendar Settings

Click on the Weather tab.

Weather Forecast Weather Tab

Enter in the zip code of the area you would like the weather forecast from, and check the Enable weather box. Then click on Save.

Weather Forecast Zip Code

To see the weather forecast, select the Calendar ribbon to the left hand side.

Weather Forecast Calendar Ribbon

Select the Weekly view to see the upcoming forecast.

Weather Forecast Weekly View

You will also be able to see the weather forecast for the day by clicking the Daily view.

Weather Forecast Daily View


Standard Mail's weather forecast comes from the National Weather Service.