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Email is not a great way to share large files. There are restrictions on how large of a file can be sent over email, and each email provider sets their own limits, which may not match your own or they may block email attachments entirely. To make it easier to share large files, Standard Mail now has a File Storage feature. You can upload a file and then use a public link to share the file with others.

To use this feature, select the File Storage ribbon on the left hand side.

File Storage Ribbon

Upload File

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Upload a file by selecting Upload.

File Storage Upload File

Choose the file you wish to share and click Open.

File Storage Choose File

It will show the filename selected and the percentage of the upload at the bottom of the screen.

File Storage Uploading File

Files that have been fully uploaded will show up at the top of the screen.

File Storage Files Uploaded

Share File

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To share a file, check the box next to the file and select Edit.

File Storage Select File To Share

You can specify how long a file is available to be shared. Click on the calendar icon and choose the day at which to expire the shared file link and check the box to the right to enable the expiration date.

File Storage Choose Expiration Date

For added security, a password can be used. Type in a password and check the box to the right to enable it. Checking the box for Enable public access will provide a public URL, or website address that can be given to whoever needs to download the file. Click Save to complete.

File Storage Set Password

When that URL or website address is typed or copied into a browser, it will ask for a password if one was set.

File Storage Type Password

Once the password is entered, or if there is no password, a link will become available from where the shared file can then be downloaded. Click the link to download it.

File Storage Download File

Choose to either open the file or save it.

File Storage Save File

Delete File

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To delete a shared file, check the box next to the file and select Delete.

File Storage Delete File

Click OK to confirm deletion.

File Storage Confirm Delete File


It is a good idea to delete files that no longer need to be shared as they will take up space on your mailbox.