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RSS feeds allow people to automatically be notified when a website contains new posts or entries instead of checking different websites repeatedly for updates. So instead of having to browse various websites for updated news or posts, everything can come right into your email for you to see.

RSS feeds can be selected from the RSS Feeds ribbon on the left hand side.

RSS Feeds

Add RSS Feed

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To add a new RSS feed, select New.

RSS Feeds New Feed

You will be asked for a URL. This is the website address from where you wish to receive RSS feeds from. Websites that have RSS feeds, usually have a link for them.

RSS Feeds Enter URL

As an example, Google News has an RSS feed link at the bottom of their Google News page. Click on the link to go to the RSS feeds page.

RSS Feeds Link

The webpage for the RSS feeds will load up.

RSS Feeds Page

You will need to get the URL, or website address from the address bar in your browser. Highlight it, right click and select Copy.

RSS Feeds Copy URL

Right click in the URL feed in your Standard Mail and select Paste. Then click Save.

RSS Feeds Paste URL

View RSS Feed

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The RSS feed will show up on the left hand side, along with how many unread stories or posts there are.

RSS Feeds Unread Posts

Click on the RSS feed name to show the feeds on the right hand side. Selecting an article will show the story below.

RSS Feeds Read Posts

Remove RSS Feed

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To remove an RSS feed, select the Root Folder on the left hand side, check the box of the feed you wish to remove on the right hand side and click Delete.

RSS Feeds Delete

Confirm the removal by clicking OK.

RSS Feeds Confirm Delete


You can add our "Ask a Tech" blog to your RSS Feeds by using the following URL to your RSS Feeds: