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To access the email administration page for Advanced Mail, you will need to go to or

Log in using the postmaster email address and password.

Webmail Add Remove Mailboxes

The first page will list the domain. Click on Edit.

Webmail Edit Domain

This will take you to the tab with your domain name on it. Any changes made here will affect all the mailboxes on this domain. Click on the Users tab.

Webmail Domain Tab

Add Mailboxes

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To add a new mailbox, click the Add button. Note that if the total number of mailboxes has been reached, you will not be able to add anymore mailboxes without either removing an existing one or having the total limit increased.

Webmail Add Button

Type in the username and leave the Type set as Generic. Then click Add.

Webmail Add Mailbox

Type in a secure password (twice). The Strength indicator will show how strong a password is. The stronger the password, the more secure it is. The Privilege level should stay as Normal and the Full Name is optional.

If the email needs to forward somewhere, it can be set up to do so here. Type in the email address to forward to, and then select if they need to leave a copy of the messages in this mailbox or not by checking (or leaving unchecked) the box below. You can set email to forward to multiple email addresses by separating them with either a comma, or a semi-colon. Once all these settings are completed, click Save.

Webmail Add Password

Delete Mailboxes

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To delete a mailbox, you'll need to be on the Users tab. Click on Delete to the right of the email address you wish to remove.

Webmail Delete Email

Then click the Delete button to confirm the deletion.

Webmail Confirm Deleted Email


You should NEVER user any of the following as a password: password | 12345 (or any similar combination) | qwerty | abc123. It should also not contain your username.

Using any of these leaves you open to having your email account hacked and used to send spam or gain other personal information about you such as credit card numbers.