Are webstats really of any use to me? Do I really need to look at them? The answer to these questions is a definite YES!

Web stats are very useful for seeing how well your website is doing and to help identify areas of the site that may need improvements. If you go to the effort of creating a website, you want people to see it. The more traffic to your site, the more business you will have. The web stats will tell you how many people are seeing your website, how long they stay there for, what pages and files they are looking at, how they arrived at your website and much more. From there you can determine what changes need to be made to direct more people to your site, and even to find problem areas such as bad links.

Each site has our AWStats which in itself is very useful. For those looking for more in depth information in a nicely presented format, we offer an upgrade to our SmarterStats. Check out our support pages to see what each offer and how to use them!