Achieve Work-Life Balance with Technology

Achieve Work-Life Balance with Technology

Our homes have become our space for everything: working, schooling, playing, entertaining, living.  As we continue to try to manage our schedules and complete our daily tasks, we rely more and more on technology to achieve a whole life balance. 

The constant advancement of technology has us adopting new tools in our daily lives at a faster pace than ever before.  These technologies have proven most useful during the COVID-19 pandemic as we work remotely and help our children in their virtual classrooms.

There are several apps that play an important role for our best life balance. It all starts with the Cloud, which is really another way of referring to the Internet we have always known. The major difference today is that cloud-based apps, such as Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite (aka Google Workspace) are always available online, backed up, and offer collaboration capabilities unheard of in the past. Staying connected from anywhere on any device increases productivity, reduces stress and makes working easier; in the end, giving us more time to do things we want to do.

Below are the top 4 apps that we use at ISOCNET. To learn more about how these apps can help your business, please contact us.

  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Online & Office Apps – We share, manage, and access our email, calendar, and contacts across all devices while staying current with the latest version of Office.  This allows us to stay on task and be responsive from anywhere. 
  • Microsoft OneDrive — We use this to access our individual files.  It is a life saver when working remotely.  OneDrive is like your C: drive in the cloud.  So, we never have to worry about getting on the right computer or managing a flash drive.   
  • Microsoft SharePoint – This is the ultimate collaboration platform.  We use this to manage our contracts, HR functions, files, and so much more!  It is more than just our shared drive; it helps us run our business efficiently.   File management and space restraints are no longer an obstacle.
  • Microsoft Teams – Whether it be one-on-one or as a group, we utilize this for virtual meetings, internal instant messaging, and screen sharing as we work remotely, yet feel like we are in the same room.  This allowed us to work through COVID-19 seamlessly.  The additional apps available, such as Planner, has improved our efficiencies.