Barracuda Message Log

  1. Log into with an admin account
  2. When you first log in, you will see the Dashboard. Click Message Log at the top menu.

In the Message Log, you can search for any email that has came into the mail server – be it blocked, allowed, quarantined, or whitelisted.

  1. When looking for a specific email, group of emails, a specific day’s worth of emails, etc. you can use this filter to narrow what you see in the message log so that you can locate exactly what you are looking for sooner.

Below is a screenshot of some of the filtering options under the -Select Filter- option:

  • Once you locate the email in question, you can determine the following
    • Time received
    • Sender
    • Recipient
    • Subject
    • File size of the entire email
    • Action taken
      • Allowed, Whitelisted, Blocked, Quarantined
    • Reason for being blocked or quarantined.
      • If it is Whitelisted, it will let you know if it is at a user or domain level.
    • Spam Score
      • Thresholds set up with the client determine where mail goes when it is scored.
    • Source IP
  • If the email you are looking for needs to be delivered to the recipient’s mailbox, check the box on that email, and select Deliver at the top of the message log.